Republic of Bulgaria ● Municipality Smiadovo

Сградата на община Смядово
Църквата "Св. Архангел Михаил" и етнографския музей в гр. Смядово
Източно-балканска свиня 
Червен божур (Paeonia peregrina)
Водопад „Голям скок" край с. Веселиново
Скални комплекси на юг от с. Веселиново
Водопад „Голям скок" с. Веселиново
Музеен комплекс гр. Смядово
Маскарадна група “Черните кукери”
НЧ "Братство 1860" гр. Смядово
НЧ "Братство 1860" гр. Смядово
Клуб на пенсионера, гр. Смядово 
НЧ "Съзнание 1927" с. Веселиново
НЧ "Братство 1860" гр. Смядово

The total area of the municipality is 364,6 km2. The municipality of Smyadovo is located in the Shumen region at the northern foothills of Stara Planina. To the north it borders with the municipality of Shumen, to the northeast with municipality of Provadia / Varna district /, to the south by the municipalities of Ruen and Sungurlare / Burgas /, to the west with the municipality of Varbitsa and to the northwest with the municipality of Veliki Preslav. The municipality is crossed by a very important route through the Rishki Pass, which connects the Silistra district with the districts of Shumen and Burgas. The municipality is in the so-called underdeveloped rural areas.
According to the 2011 census there are 6 698 people with a permanent address in the municipality. 3 846 people live in the town of Smyadovo, and 2 852 in the villages.

The municipality of Smyadovo is a member of National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Smyadovo Municipality has a golden badge of the National Convent of Experts as a town with high prestige for cultural and historical development.


Wednesday, 01.10.2014 г.

For a third year in a row a "Soup kitchen" was opened in the in Municipality of Smyadovo. Every weekday between 180 and 250 citizens in need receive a free hot meal there. It is an initiative of the Municipality of Smyadovo, with the support of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

Monday, 18.08.2014 г.

A celebration of the 45th anniversary since Smyadovo was granted city status is approaching. There are a number cultural and sporting events, devoted to the anniversary, planned for August 2014.